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Robin Kinnie, Founder

Robin Kinnie is a native Detroiter and comes from a family dedicated to public service.
She has spent years in the nonprofit sector supporting others in the pursuit of their dreams. Robin launched the Motor City Woman brand in 2015 in an effort to connect women like herself to resources on living the life they deserve.
As a wife and momma herself, Robin is committed to providing a platform for other women to share their experience and expertise.

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Who We Are
Motor City Woman is a platform that supports women in the fulfillment of their best lives. This is accomplished via an 24/7 internet radio station featuring an all-female lineup of show hosts, community involvement and media sponsorship of events, organizations and initiatives that support women. We thrive on creating a space where women can make authentic connections, share our truth and empower one another.
What We Do
We make it super easy for women to share their expertise and experience on Motor City Woman Radio! Some of our Show Hosts are novice; some are professionals. All of them have something to say and Motor City Woman gives them the tools to do so. Services include:

  1. Live Broadcast Streaming
  2. Podcast Recording
  3. Post-production editing
  4. Live Remote Broadcasting from events
  5. Studio Rental for voiceovers, audiobook recordings
  6. Media Sponsorship for events, initiatives and organizations
  7. Commercial and Social Media advertising
  8. …and much more!

Have a question for our team? Contact us at or call 248-809-6400

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Meet Our Team

Robin Kinnie

Robin Kinnie

Founder and CEO

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Mike Kinnie

Mike Kinnie

Vice President and Technical Engineer

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