Is clubhouse the new podcast?

I consider myself a talk radio aficionado. I grew up in Detroit listening to Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg and even listened to old shows after the legendary broadcaster, station owner and community leader passed away. When I explain podcasts to people, I often refer to them as “on-demand talk radio”. The value of podcasts is that the length can be as long, or as short, as you’d like and your listeners can tune in on their schedule – not some radio station program director.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been checking out a new social platform called Clubhouse. Clubhouse is purely audio. You can visit “rooms” and join discussions on a range of topics. You are also able to schedule and begin discussions of your own. While washing dishes the other night, I was able to learn more about sustainable business practices. What I like is that the discussions are in real-time with people from across the world. Additionally, the moderator can present information and get feedback instantly.

Although these are definite benefits for any coach, business owner or author to grow their influence; Clubhouse will not make podcasting obsolete. A podcast is an audio tool that you can embed on a website, share with newsletter subscribers and leverage in your marketing toolbox. Clubhouse can be utilized to create engagement on a specific topic or continue a conversation from your latest episode. Remember when The Oprah Winfrey Show had “Oprah After The Show”? Oprah After The Show was a laid-back extension of The Oprah Winfrey Show. It aired at a different time of day and on a different channel. It offered a different vibe.

Think of Clubhouse and your podcast in the same manner. You can have the same information on both of these platforms but, presented in a different way. If you get an invite (Clubhouse is by invitation only), join in and tell me what you think. My handle is RobinKinnie. Although I have a wait list for new podcast launch clients, I do have availability for video consultations if you’re unsure where to start in your podcasting journey. For more info, visit

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