5 Tips To Take Your Podcast From Good To Great

As a Podcast Producer, I, of course, listen to a ton of podcasts. I like everything from crime drama to getting my daily motivation. Some are fantastic, some are good and the rest are just plain ‘meh. But, what is it that seperate great podcasts from the others? Well, here are my top 5 tips that all of the best podcasts I know do on a regular basis.

  1. Stick to the script!

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts. The ones that excel are those that have a specific niche. They concentrate on one subject. They are not all over place; talking about unrelated subjects. When people look for your podcast, typically they searched for a subject area or category. Don’t lure them in on one episode and then, the next episode talk about something totally different. For example, I’ve been a subscriber to a podcast that used to provide weekly motivation. All of a sudden, the format changed to more of an interview-style. I was no longer getting what I signed up for. So, I had to hit the unsubscribe button.

  • Know your audience

Catering to an audience is much easier now that you have one subject area. Knowing your audience means knowing where they consume content, what their hobbies are and what makes them tick. For example, you may have a podcast that shares your expertise as a gamer. You may want to follow hashtags to connect within the gaming community. You may also want to consider joining Meetup or Facebook groups associated with your subject area. But, DON’T join just to promote your podcast. Don’t be that person. Instead, participate in discussions and become part of the community. Once you are part of a community, you will be able to learn firsthand what your audience wants to know and how to reach them. Score!

  • Visibility is key

A major mistake that I see podcasters

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Robin Kinnie is an experienced podcast producer, entrepreneur and #womanowned advocate. Driven by community, she takes pride in creating access to underrepresented groups within the podcast industry. As the President of Motor City Woman and Audio Engineers of Detroit, her goal is to amplify the voices of women. Robin also serves as the head of Soundgirls.org, Detroit Chapter. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @RobinKinnie.

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