Treashure Spencer’s The Goose Trap

Saturdays at 12pm EST

The Goose Trap is a social spa designed to give women a sanctuary to decompress using the art of conversation. Here at The Goose Trap we cater to the hearts of our listeners addressing uncomfortable topics we all think about, but too afraid to say out loud creating unnecessary burdens of guilt, shame and being overwhelmed. Many of us have the answer for healing, but continuously choose to suffer in silence. This platform was created to allow women the opportunity to unburden themselves without fear of judgment or even worse, not being heard at all!

Treashure Spencer has the gift of gab and a heart of gold, but even she get caught in The Goose Trap seeking refuge to decompress. Conversing with acquaintances have become her therapy and she invites everyone to experience healing through words. Join her as she turns on the mic and turn up the volume to address everyday challenges we all can relate to.

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