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3 Sisters Show

About the Show: 3Sisters is just that…three sisters! Chisara is the oldest, and is a wife, mom, and a creative at heart operating as an engineer who tends to over analyze everything; Jessica is the middle sibling and is a mother of three, an awesome writer but everyone’s waiting for her to become a doctor and she is the goofy one in the bunch, but don’t make her mad; Aisha is the baby of the bunch living her best life and is a licensed therapist (we call her with all our problems and she hates it lo) If you know us you love us, and if you don’t know us, when you do…you’ll love us too! Our conversations will have you laughing, feeling enlightened and sometimes have you in your feelings, and our show guests make the conversation that much better! We talk about everything and there isn’t any topic, that we can think of, that we wouldn’t talk about, at least not without black girl magic tact! We’re representing for the single ladies, mothers, wives, and professionals! Oh, and we’re millennials too, and the stereotypes don’t apply! We’re  three sisters keeping it real about everything!


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