Robin Kinnie is the founder and CEO of Motor City Woman, an internet-based radio station and a broadcasting and recording studio. With a focus on women and mompreneurs, Motor City Woman offers an array of shows, expert guests, discussions on women-specific issues and the resources for growth in all areas of life.

With more than 10 years of professional communications experience, she is a small business advocate who works tirelessly to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. As a master collaborator who regularly works with women-centered initiatives, groups and organizations, Robin stays true to her God-given purpose with the motto “Live in the Light” which encourages all of us to seek the positive, concentrate of strength and celebrate the moment.

Robin holds an undergraduate degree from the Eli Broad College of Business and a Masters’ degree in higher, adult, lifelong education from Michigan State University. She is a wife and mother of three children.

Mike Kinnie a 20+ – year veteran in audio engineering received the majority of his knowledge on-the-job
whether it was working in a recording studio or on live audio shows. Mike started climbing the ranks in
the early 90’s by first working with the local 38 IATSE union. That led to working such shows as The
Rolling Stones at MSU Stadium, The Eagles at the old Tiger Stadium to the hit stage-play Cats at the Fox
Theater. Eventually, he began working directly with recording artists in local recording studios (Sound
Suite Studios, The Disc Recording Studio and others) engineering their next hit. He also has worked for
several Audio Visual companies (AVHQ, PSI, and Bluewater Technologies) during his career. Mike
currently works at MotorCity Casino Hotel where he has worked with every genre of music available in
SoundBoard Theater. He received formal training at The Recording Institute of Detroit, a local audio
training school. Over his career, Mike has recorded hundreds of songs, worked hundreds of shows and
amassed a variety of industry contacts ranging from audio/video technicians, audio engineers and
recording studios to music producers, songwriters and musicians.